First Shots: Still Life

It’s been brutally cold here to start the new year so I haven’t felt like going outside to test film. So I set up a quick still life in my studio and shot a few test shots.



Oooh now that’s the orthochromatic goodness I was looking for.

The subject was a flower arrangement that my wife had put together with a red bird of paradise, a few dark red roses, and lots of greens. I expected the blue-sensitive film would make the reds oranges and greens black.


File Jan 08, 5 25 57 PM.jpeg
iPhone shot for comparison

I shot 6 shots at ISO 6. Most of them were wide open (f6.8), but I did try some at higher f-stops (f11 and f22).


Development seemed ok as the scans came out with some good detail. I can’t wait to get these into the darkroom to make some prints.



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