Time heals

As a follow up to my previous post, I tried another test shot, this time adding a stop of time.

EI 0.8!

An EI of 0.8 had the expected result and delivered a negative that was significantly denser. There is still some loss in the shadows, but not nearly as much as with the EI 1.6 negative. I don’t understand how people are shooting this stuff at ISO 3 or 6!

These negs will never be bulletproof

Haven’t had time to test print, but here is a scan that I didn’t do anything to in LightRoom. Looks pretty good.

Scan with no fiddling in LightRoom

I don’t mind the loss of speed too much as I won’t be shooting this stuff handheld anyway. I’m glad to have the HC-110 developing option since I won’t have to buy more Dektol if I just want to shoot this occasionally.

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