Coffee with Christine

Last year, I offered a coffee portrait session for Broad Street Ministry‘s online fundraising auction. Christine won the auction, and this weekend we managed to schedule the session. I love the results. They have a very 1930s look. Also, some really good longe exposure “mistakes”.

Something about the earring makes me think Man Ray
Just a little movement makes this one
Heading toward abstraction
Not all of them were serious!

2 thoughts on “Coffee with Christine

  1. Hello Ed, Nice coffee project. I like the look and feel. Well done! Did you develop the film with Caffenol or the paper prints? Or both?

    Recently, I bought a Agfa Billy Record camera, build around 1933-1942. Really amazing. You should consider to get one yourself. They produce, together with Lith-Printing, quite amazing results. Reminds me of you 1930 look. Please see the picture attached…

    Have fun and greetings from Germany Simon


    1. Hi SImon,

      Thanks! For this project, I am using Harman Direct Positive paper, which I develop in caffenol. So no negative, just the paper. It’s like a much slower polaroid 🙂

      That’s great work with the Billy Record. I’ll have to look into those!



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