Ivan meets GI Joe

Was fortunate enough to get ahold of some Soviet era Slavich Bromportrait from 1983. The paper is wonderful for lith printing though exposure times can get up there. Some of these needed exposures of 6 minutes! With shorter development times, the paper has a nice brown tone. Longer developments get the classic yellow lith.

I paired the paper with some negatives shot on Svema MZ3 for consistency. Unfortunately with the paper and the negative being so contrasty, it didn’t always work. Going to try next with some HP5 negatives.

Serendipitous parking job
Brutalism in the service of public education
Check out those pipes
Sometimes I can’t help myself

Shot in the Dark Exhibition Opening This Weekend

Shot in the DarK: New Film Photography opens today and runs through May 30th at The Da Vinci Art Alliance. This is a group show of artists from the Fleisher Art of the Fine Print class. I will have the 3 pieces below in the show and they are also available for sale on the Da Vinci Website store.

There will be a virtual opening reception on Sunday May 16 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm, join me with a glass of wine! The reception will be hosted on Zoom, go here for the link.

Lone Tree, FDR Park
Shamokin, PA #4